Growing a business is no easy task. When you have a successful business there are many moving parts and often times things that have been unthought-of come up.

I’ve been lucky enough to watch McDivitt Family Maple grow from their very first days popping up at vendor shows with their maple syrup. They then launched into a brick-and-mortar cafe offering hot foods, as well as, their maple syrups. Business has continued to grow and is now warranting a rebrand.

McDivitt Family Maple is now being rebranded as The Delightful Maple Cafe!

This new name allows room for a business partner and brings community into the name, as the town that the cafe is located is actually called Delightful!

As we looked at this cafe rebrand, we all knew the roots were going to remain the same so we wanted to keep with the same colors, style, and font as the original logo. We stuck to that and came up with this clean and crisp logo.

To stay with the clean and simple design, the menu followed suit with a simplified text menu that is easy to read and navigate but also easy to update as the menu changes. (We all know how much menus have had to change over the course of two years with Covid!)

To round out the project we’re working on updating their website to reflect the menu for their online ordering.

Such wonderful people and delicious food! I have loved working with them for the past couple of years, if you’ve never tried them before you need to stop by and get some breakfast or lunch. Visit their Facebook page for more information, you’ll be glad you did!

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