If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen my line art drawings. I originally started posting these for #Inktober but I keep getting such a positive response and I love creating them so I’ve decided to make it a part of my regular posting strategy.

But some of you may still be wondering what is line art? Why do I keep using that hash tag?

Simply said, line art is any copy of art that consists of no tonal values. It can be reproduced without a halftone screen. That means that I’m working with solid colors, no shading or blending. I create the illusion of shadows and highlights through different pen techniques.

All of my line art drawings that I have posted have been black Micron pens on white paper or board. I use a series of different sized pens to get the effect that I’m going for. The finer the pen tip size the more detail you can get, the thicker the pen tip the more surface area you can cover typically creating darker areas.

When I work on these drawing I use two main techniques stippling and hatching. I typically use both methods in the same drawing depending on the effect that I’m going for. If you look closely at any of my images you will see a series of little dots or lines.


Simply said, stippling is drawing with a series of dots. These dots can be large or small and spaced closely together or far apart. By using a larger size pen tip you will create a larger dot, therefore, leaving a darker mark which can be good for shadows. You can also receive a similar effect by using multiple little dots placed closely together. Highlighted areas are best done with a finer tip and spacing your marks further apart.

This technique can be a little monotonous for some people, but anyone who knows me well knows that I find comfort in tedious tasks. That’s when I can let my mind wander.

Hatching & Cross Hatching

A series of short line segments to form an image is called hatching, if you cross the line segments with each other then you get cross hatching. This is a great technique to use when you’re quickly sketching an image. Line segments cover a lot more surface area than stippling does and can create a similar effect.

Much like stippling the tip size and the spacing of your markings will either create shadows or highlights.

Looking for inspiration?

You can view my line art drawings on Instagram or I now have a dedicated page to my artwork on my website. If you’re interested in purchasing any prints or originals leave me a comment or contact me directly. I’m contemplating opening a shop in the near future.

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