One of the things I wanted to start this year with my blog is to showcase local farms and markets. Since having my middle son nine years ago I’ve realized just how important eating local and supporting our community is. 

Not only are we supporting small businesses but the foods and products that they provide are typically of a much higher quality, pollinated locally, and better for our bodies and the environment. I could go on and on about this topic but I want to showcase our first farm, so without further ado let’s check out Forestview Farmhouse!

Forestview Farmhouse

Forestview Farmhouse sells the most amazing microgreens. Microgreens are becoming more popular, however, they’re sometimes hard to find unless you’re eating them on your meal at a restaurant. 

Microgreens are so good for you, packed with lots of nutrients and flavor. As their name states they are small but where they lack in size they make up for in nutrition. They often contain higher nutrient levels than more mature vegetable greens and they make the perfect garnish to your dishes.

Adding Microgreens To Your Dishes

Many restaurants are beginning to utilize microgreens in their dishes due to their popularity with customers for their nutrients, they pack a lot of flavor, and they make every dish look amazing. We eat with our eyes first! Focusing on current trends and providing your customers with new, healthy foods that they are looking for will help your restaurant stay ahead of the game.

The best part, Forestview Farmhouse will make weekly deliveries to your restaurant based off of your orders. You won’t have to sacrifice your ingredients to save time, one less stop that you need to make while prepping.

Forestview Farmhouse started off with their microgreens and now also seasonly offer fun hot peppers, in the spring you can purchase pepper plants, hot salts made with their own peppers, eggs, and they’ve partnered with Mamalagel’s Bagels to offer a fun Brunch Bag that you have to check out! 

They have found this niche and are embracing it. You can find them at many of the local farmer’s markets including the Howland Farmers Market, Hubbard Farmers Market, and the Warren Farmers Market.

One more thing that I love about Forestview Farmhouse is that they are a growing business and are willing to help your business grow too. If you’re in need of a specific pepper or microgreen that they don’t currently have they will add it to their list for the following year (or for microgreens, they grow so fast they could have those for you in just a couple of weeks).

Next time you’re around at the farmer’s markets check them out or contact them directly to get your microgreens delivered to you!

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