It’s no secret that I love food and thus working with restaurants comes naturally. When Barry Dyngles approached me to work on their new website I was excited to take on the challenge.

Barry Dyngles is well known in the Northeast Ohio area for their amazing barbecue and delicious specials. The chef takes great pride in his work. His talents definitely comes through with the flavors and presentation in their restaurant.

When they approached me they knew their current website was a little busy and the information was outdated. They wanted a clean and streamlined look that also show cased some of their amazing food. After all, we do eat with our eyes first!

barry dyngles web redesign

The Web Design Process

Barry Dyngles already had a whole portfolio of images that they use on social media. They were able to share their images with me for the site. I was also able to take chunks of the content from the existing site and repurpose it on the new site.

From there we looked at what was important to the end user and customers of the restaurant. When customers are hungry they always need to know the hours and location. We made sure to place this information in multiple locations on the site to make it easy to find, this included the first chunk of information below the banner image.

Once the customers know if the restaurant is open, then they need the menu. We made this easily accessible through the use of buttons, it’s own tab at the top of each page, and an easy “Order Online” button that brings you directly to Door Dash.

The menu itself probably took the most amount of time as we entered each item, items had changed halfway through due to Covid and market pricing issues, and we took note of any daily and lunch specials and made sure we called these out to make sure customers know the best deals.

Final Design

Once the design was completed, we had a clean, user friendly site that was visually appealing to the end user.

Check out their site and grab yourself some great barbecue for dinner!

If you own a restaurant and are in need of a new website or just looking to update your existing one, let us know! We would love to hear about your project!

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