We’ve heard it a hundred times but if we keep saying it more people will listen. Don’t build your business on rented space!

What if you woke up tomorrow and Instagram was gone? Facebook? YouTube? 

You don’t want to lose your audience overnight. Nurture those leads and create a couple of good email lists. You need a way to reach out to your audience if something were to happen. 

Creating multiple email lists

I recommend creating multiple lists. Yes, I’m a little OCD and like to keep everything organized but that’s not the only reason I’m recommending this. 

Take a look at your audience. Are they all the same? Are they all after the same goal?

No, they’re not and they don’t all expect and look forward to the same thing from your emails. Some people may want daily emails, some want them weekly and others just want a monthly email to recap everything. 

Creating multiple lists will allow you to build a closer connection with your audience. You will be able to provide a personal touch point to where your readers will believe you’re speaking directly to them. For the most part you will be speaking to them, you are then able to curate content specific to each group making them more personal.

If you’re looking to build an email list and don’t know where to begin or you have a small list and don’t know what to send them contact me and we can discuss your marketing strategy further.

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